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3O DAY NOTICE TO VACATE Date: To: & All other Occupants It being my intention to terminate your tenancy, you are hereby notified to quit and deliver up at the expiration of that month of your
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What is good everybody says why 4543 come at you with a vlog so as some of you guys may know I have some pretty shitty news to tell you guys um I made a vlog while back talking about me looking for any place to live I just start our conditions of the house we're living in is just horrible I'm actually fell through the floor on Christmas when I got home from work it's its just awful and basically our landlord is selling the property out from under bus I got a mom got a phone call or a text message last night basically saying hey we are we have a buyer you have 30 days to vacate the premises so yeah that's the thing arm we still haven't found a place, and we are looking of course for a new apartment or something like that to move into because this is just fucking horrible, so we're basically wanted to make this to let you guys know that hey I will still be trying to upload content because basically all my series right now that are going up are already finished reporting wise, so I just have to edit and upload and write tags and description all kind of shit um but if there is a couple of days that don't you know there's nothing that goes up that's the reason why I'm basically apartment hunting and working and that's about it um yeah I just I really wanted to let you guys know that that is you know if you just see me not making content um and this is probably going to stop my streaming for right now because is i just can't find any time to actually sit down and stream um so yeah I just like I said i want to let you guys know that you know if you see absence of content that's why it sucks, but you know with something I got to deal with I just gotta move forward keep my head up and hope to god that we get a new place within this month I do I will say though I mean if I do not if I'm not able to find a place you know within the next new month we have worked out places for my mother to go or place for my mother to go a place for myself to go basically to you by this a little more time to find an apartment but of course we're hoping that that won't it won't come to that where we can just move our shit from here into the apartment not move half of our stuff into storage, and then you know from storage you know it's just it's just a lot of shit basically so yeah like I said thank you guys friars support the people why post it on Twitter you know letting people know that you know this is what happened I got a lot of people who are you knowing giving me words of encouragement, so I do appreciate that those of you guys who did that so yeah I'm going to quit rambling and head out and fucking pass out me and Sam just got done recording the rest of the Resident Evil 6 it's one o'clock in the morning, and I'm fucking tired, and I had the next two days off thankfully, but those are going to be spent looking for apartments so yeah again thank you guys for watching there will be a will be the today's video the 5th, and then I will be uploading again regularly the...
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